1974 Porsche 914-6!!

If you have been looking for one of the most fun Porsches ever built, take a moment to read about this car.

As you are probably aware Porsche introduced the 914 in 1970 to be an entry level addition to the brand. The vast majority of the 914’s made from 1970-1976 featured a flat-four opposed engine with a displacement of 1.7 to 2.0 liters and never making more than 95 horsepower. Of the over 119,000 914’s built just 3,349 left the factory as the rare and coveted 914-6. These cars were built between 1970 and 1972 and featured the 911 T 2.0 liter flat-6 making 110hp. The appeal of these cars was not outright speed but the amazing handling and balance offered by their mid-engine layout.

Since the 914 and 911 share many of the same components Porsche enthusiasts the world over have fantasized about mating the more powerful 911 mechanicals to the light and nimble 914 chassis... Many have dreamed about this, a few have even sketched out plans, a couple started the project and a few talented and motivated people completed them. Here is the culmination of one man’s dream and many Porsche enthusiasts fantasy…

This particular car started life as a plain jane 1974 914 1.8 liter. In 1993 an engine rebuild on the original 1.8 sparked the start of this project, here is what was done:


Body completing stripped, fenders reworked, acid etch primed and painted DuPont Chroma Black. The job included both front and rear trunks, engine bay with engine removed and door jams. The cost for this work was over $10,000 in 1993.

Suspension and Drive train-

Frame strengthened through welding, 88 Carrera front suspension, Carrera torsion bars, new front struts, 911S front calipers, 19mm master cylinder, turbo tie rods, 16’ 911 hubs, Automotion front and rear bushings, Otto’s rear hub kit with 911 rear hubs and 914-6 stub axles, Ted Hulse rear shocks, 165lb progressive rear springs, GPR through frame rear sway bar, 16x6 front and 16x7 rear refinished Fuchs alloys.


1981 911SC 3.0 liter motor, Dillavar head studs, heads reworked, 46 IDA PMO carburetors’, GPR Oil tank in right rear fender, DC Automotive 911 engine sheet metal, GT performance flywheel, Patrick Motorsports engine mounts, Permatune ignition, B&B stainless headers (no heat exchangers)

The car had 70,200 miles on it at the start of restoration and currently has 81,700, so it has travelled approximately 11,500 miles since the rebuild.

Exterior: Overall 8.5/10

Paint- DuPont Chroma Black- The paint on this is gorgeous. It has a deep and consistent shine with none of the orange peel they would have come with from new. There are no significant scratches or nicks but it is black so it will show even the slightest of imperfection.

Body- The body is very straight with not a single ding to be noted. There is no evidence that the car has been involved in any type of collision and overall panel fit and gap is very good.

Body Parts- All of the glass is good, the targa top and side sail panels are like new. All of the seals and gaskets and lights are likewise clean and correct. The only items that I think need some attention are the front and rear bumpers and trim. The 1974 914 featured the bumper overiders and the owner removed the overriders but left the holes in the bumpers. To really look great a set of 1973 bumpers should be installed. The top rubber bumper trim is likewise “rippled” and should be replaced as well, which would happen with a bumper swap.

Wheels- The car is sitting on a genuine original set of 16x6 and 16x7 Fuchs Wheels that are perfect, no peeling, no pitting, no curb damage. The tires are mismatched front to rear and while they have plenty of tread are older due to the cars low miles. Since this car offers such extraordinary performance a new set of tires should be fitted.

Rust- As any enthusiast knows rust is the bane of all 914’s. This particular car was completely stripped and treated during the restoration. The only notable rust I have found in on the driver’s side rear quarter panel just above the taillight is starting to bubble. The front and rear trunks looks pristine. The floor pans and jacking points are solid and the “hell hole” appears to be clean. I would welcome any prospective customer to put the car up on the rack because any 914 will have rust if you look hard enough, but this one looks real solid.



Overall the interior I would categorize as a 9.0/10. It is really amazing original condition

Seats: The seats are very well preserved. There is just one flaw I could find on the seats, and that is a slight cut on the passenger side bolster now more than 1” in length that hasn’t even split.

Carpet: The carpet is also darn close to perfect, I could find only one slight wear mark on the driver’s side floor close to the e-brake handle.

Dash: The dash pad is like new, no cracks.

Door panels and Headliner: They are all in excellent shape, no wear or sagging.

Electronics and gauges: EVERYTHING on this car works. Including all gauges, climate control fan, stereo, map light, etc. The only item worth noting is that with the B&B exhaust the heat exchangers were bypassed so there is no heat.

Trunk and accessories: Both the front and rear trunks were refinished when the car was restored so they are very clean. An OEM Porsche 993 inflatable spare has been fitted as the original 914 spare would not have worked with the 911 hubs.


The math is simple 2200lbs and 225/lb gives you a power to weight ratio of 9.77lb/hp! To give you a reference the stock 1.8L this car was delivered with had 76hp or a ratio of 28.95lb.hp! Or look at it this way; a 2008 Porsche 997 Carrera has a power to weight ratio of 10.16lb/hp! Suffice it to say this car definitely has some “go”.

Sadly I got this car when the outside temperature was just 10 degrees Fahrenheit, so imagine no heat and PMO’s with no chokes. No exactly my idea of a fun drive. With that being said I could hardly wait, so after a lengthy warm up I hit the road with gloves and hat. The first thing you will notice is that there is nothing like the sound of a flat-six coupled with Webbers 6 inches from your right ear! This car pulls strongly from idle and become sinister north of 4,000rpm! The 901 shifts crisply once the nuances of the 914’s famed shift action are figured out. The syncros exhibit no signs of wear and it easily allows high rpm rev-matched downshifts, wow! The brakes are strong with no pulsations or drama, but do have slightly more pedal travel than I would like. The steering is light and direct with no bump steer common on these when lowered without the appropriate updates this one has. Overall this car is exactly what you would imagine it to be: incredibly strong, verbally stimulating and toss able in the way a 911 never could be. Isn’t it time to fulfill your dream…?

I have tried to describe this car as completely as I possibly can. This is not a Porsche Parade quality restoration but it does acquit itself well among the Porsche faithful. I have over $40,000 in documented receipts on this car and you couldn’t duplicate it for under $50k.  This would make an excellent driver, track car, driver’s education or autocross car.  Please contact me with any questions you might have.

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