1995 BMW M3 Dakar Yellow/Black 1-owner 5-spd Coupe!

If you are looking for an E36 M3 and are tired of looking at cars owned by kids, modified heavily, driven into the ground and salvage titles, here is your M3. This is the “Holy Grail” M3, here are the particulars:

The car was purchased April 20th 1996 from MY BMW in Seaside, CA.  The car is equipped with the following desirable options: Sunroof and cruise control and none of the non desirable options such as the luxury package (who wants to lose those beautiful Vaders…) and horrid automatic transmission.

This owner has exclusively serviced the car at either the BMW dealer or DINAN Engineering and stuck to the “old school” maintenance schedule. I have EVERY single maintenance receipt since new and it has NEVER missed a service. The car has only been run on Redline fluids and they have been religiously changed starting with a 1200 mile break in service.  

The car is equipped as follows:

Base Price- $36800

Electric Sliding Sunroof- $1120

Cruise Control- $455

Total MSRP- $38945

In addition to these the car also had the factory 6-disc CD changer and a DINAN performance chip which adds 12hp, 15lb ft of torque, raises the rev limiter and removes the top speed governor. These two items were over $1000.

The car has never been damaged in any way and it is wearing all original paint and all the VIN tags are present. It is a simply gorgeous car! The wheels have no curb rash, are as clean on the inside and the outside and have almost new Yokohoma S-Drive Ultra High performance tires. The interior has never been smoked in, ate in and shows almost none of the typical wear these cars exhibit.

The car currently has 131,862 miles on it. It has ONLY been serviced by BMW with an open checkbook policy. The owner was motivated and had the financial means to care for the vehicle as BMW intended, with no expense spared or corners cut. This is one of the challenges of finding a good E36 M3. As they have gotten older and changed hands several times, many people have not wanted to spend the not insignificant dollars necessary to maintain them properly. If you buy one of these cars, beware they will nickel and dime you to death! You are welcome to look through the entire history on this car. You will see the common issues such as cooling system and suspension have already been addressed; this is an M3 you can jump in and enjoy!

I would challenge someone to find a nicer 1 owner E36 M3 with perfect documentation that looks and drives as well as this one for under $10k!